Our Work in Asia

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To deliver on our mission toward a just world that values and conserves nature, our work in Asia builds on IUCN's niche as the world's authority on biodiversity conservation, environmental governance, and nature-based solutions. The regional agenda in Asia covers five programme areas and three strategic themes:

Programme Areas

  • Species and Biodiversity
  • Water and Wetlands
  • Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
  • Protected and Conserved Areas
  • Forest and Agriculture Landscapes

Strategic Themes

  • Nature-based Solutions
  • Livelihoods for Nature
  • Governance and Rights

We implement more than a hundred projects throughout Asia, including several initiatives in large ecosystems that extend beyond the shared borders of two or more countries. In delivering these projects, we bring IUCN's unique convening power to address the region's challenges, both at the national and regional levels, working with many different sectors to build solutions together.

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IUCN Asia Brochure IUCN Asia Brochure Photo: IUCN Asia