IUCN Academy delivers trainings and professional certificates on all areas covered by the Union. We build on the breadth of technical and practical expertise of IUCN to design compelling educational experiences for people who want to integrate nature conservation and sustainability into their career path.

Our philosophy

We want to place nature conservation at the heart of the green transition and build the capacities of citizens of the world eager to make their contribution in the field of nature conservation more efficient and meaningful.

Our contribution to nature conservation

IUCN Academy builds upon the wealth of IUCN expertise in nature conservation, and on the ground, to develop training solutions that equip current and future generations with the rights skills and knowledge to contribute efficiently to the green transition our societies are calling for. As nature conservation encompasses many dimensions contributing to sustainable development -and hence has a role to play in the current health, environmental and economic crises-, inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches are at the heart of the IUCN Academy programmes.

We also want our trainings to be adapted to the current fast changing environment. Together with our academic partners, we reflect upon the future of conservation work and adapt our programme content to cater for this evolution.

Academic Partners