Article | 21 Juin, 2022

International bycatch meeting - Bringing forward solutions for effective monitoring & reduction

From 4 to 6 October in Malaga (Spain), the “International Bycatch Meeting” will demonstrate the current state-of-the-art in addressing bycatch worldwide, with particular emphasis on the needs and challenges associated with the  implementation of bycatch programmes in different seas and fisheries. This meeting is open to technical experts and researchs from all over the world working on bycatch mitigation and monitoring.

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Photo: IUCN-Med

This international meeting aims to share experiences on bycatch data collection, identify effective solutions towards reducing bycatch and define ways to replicate best practices and discuss future directions.

• Monitoring bycatch and discards

• Capacity building and practical local knowledge for mitigation

• Successful solutions, Bycatch Reduction Technologies (BRTs) and novel applications for mitigation on industrial and small-scale fisheries

• Bycatch assessment from recreational fishing

• Management, policy and compliance

• Citizen science to support bycatch programmes and stranding

To register, please send an email to with information of your full name, affiliation and institution




International bycatch meetingPhoto: IUCN ROWA