Our Work

The Commission on Ecosystem Management works with selected Specialist Groups, focused on a specific biomes (e.g. Peatlands, Deserts, Forests, etc.) or Thematic groups, focused on a specific subject  (e.g. Ecosystem Governance, Red List of Ecosystems, Ecosystem Resilience) and Task Forces. There are also 7 priority areas which are considered CEM strongest points.

    In pursuit of our goals and objectives, CEM addresses three substantive objectives that are congruent with and contribute to IUCN’s current Program:

    • Knowledge products that respond to needs related to assessment of risk, management, restoration, and sustainable use of ecosystems will be developed and shared as a contribution to the development of Nature-based Solutions.
    • Advice, guidance and tools will be provided to indigenous peoples and local communities to empower their management, restoration and sustainable use of ecosystems to meet local needs and foster their well-being.
    • Science-based authoritative advice and guidance will be made available to policy makers and implementing authorities from local to global levels that pertain to the governance, management, restoration, and sustainable use of ecosystems.

    All IUCN Commission members are expected to contribute to the Vision and Mission of IUCN. Commission membership embodies a relationship of mutual trust and respect among all IUCN Commission members and also with other parts of IUCN. Commission members are expected to undertake their work and participate in the affairs of the Commission individually and collectively in a responsible, professional and respectful manner, to deal fairly in all transactions and to honour all commitments and promises. Read the full Code of Conduct for Commission Members.