CEM Young Professionals Network

The goal of the CEM-YPN is to increase proactive and meaningful participation of emerging young leaders (below 35) on ecosystem management in conserving and restoring nature, developing capacity, and ensuring the future quality of nature-based management of natural resources.

CEM YPN Vision

Our vision is an intergenerational community of young leaders worldwide who work together within and through IUCN, for a world where ecosystems are managed in such a way as to sustainably provide their products and services to nature and mankind. Intergenerational exchange, learning, and collaboration are integral parts of how IUCN delivers its vision of "a just world that values and conserves nature." We aim to integrate “youth” contributions throughout the CEM network, facilitating skills interchange and harnessing talent at all levels, and raising awareness of CEM activities more widely.

CEM YPN Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the CEM-EMP work program through the YPN and IUCN’s intergenerational partnership for sustainability. Moreover, the YPN should engage in collaborations with the CEM thematic groups and regions and other partners where possible. YPs will have roles within each of the CEM thematic groups, providing an energetic complement to other members and facilitating activities linked to thematic groups, regions and to the CEM more broadly.

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