Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy

CEESP generates and disseminates knowledge, mobilizes influence, and promotes actions to harmonize the  conservation of nature with the critical social, cultural, environmental, and economic justice concerns of human societies


Latest news

  • Vote for your Heritage Hero


    Five outstanding individuals in three natural World Heritage sites have been shortlisted as Heritage Heroes for their exceptional work in protecting some of the world's most precious natural areas. Discover their inspiring stories and decide who will...

  • Candidates Meher Noshriwani (left) and Kristen Walker Painemilla (right) at the He’eia fishponds, Hawai’i, 2015

    Introducing the two candidates for CEESP Chair 2016-2020


    There are two candidates for CEESP Chair, Meher Noshriwani (Pakistan) and Kristen Walker Painemilla (USA).  Both Meher and Kristen are current members of the CEESP Steering Committee and therefore familiar with the work, structure and governance of CEESP...

  • Workshop with IUCN's Indigenous Peoples Member Organizations, Antigua Guatemala, April 2016.

    Engaging IUCN’s Indigenous Member Organizations more broadly in IUCN


    By Kristen Walker-Painemilla (Chair, CEESP Specialist Group on Indigenous Peoples, Customary & Environmental Laws and Human Rights) Traditional indigenous territories cover up to 24% of the world’s land surface and contain a large share of the...

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