CEESP is a unique network of approximately 1,200 volunteers representing perspectives and disciplines from biology and anthropology, economics and law, to culture and indigenous peoples - among many others.

What We Do

CEESP contributes to the IUCN Mission by providing insights and expertise and promoting policies and action to harmonize the conservation of nature with the crucial socio-economic and cultural concerns of human communities—such as livelihoods, human rights and responsibilities, human development, security, equity, and the fair and effective governance of natural resources.


The Commission is led by the Commission Chair, elected by the IUCN membership, and by a Deputy Chair, appointed by the IUCN Council. The Steering Committee assists the Chair and Deputy Chair in guiding and coordinating the activities of the Commission.


The Commission has a diverse membership in terms of disciplines, cultures, languages, geographical regions, spiritual traditions, ages and gender, bringing diverse perspectives, values and experiences to bear in debating, analysing and promoting issues of concern to its vision and mission. Membership includes some of the world’s foremost conservation and sustainable development practitioners, natural and social scientists, and traditional indigenous community leaders.

Members are encouraged to form thematic groups, task forces and regional nodes to implement the CEESP programme and address emerging issues. CEESP promotes collaborative work with strategically chosen partners.

Membership is voluntary. Prospective members must submit an application through the Commission Membership portal and wait for approval from the CEESP leadership team. See this video tutorial for further instructions.