North America

IUCN in North America unlocks the power of the larger union, supplying knowledge, tools, and best practices to help inform and influence conservation efforts in the United States and Canada. Threats to the region include biodiversity loss, droughts and flooding, forest fires, growing populations, among many others, some of which are being made worse due to a changing climate. We represent a large portion of the overall IUCN membership, with over 150 members of the Union including government agencies, non-profits, as well over 3,000 IUCN Commission members based in North America working together to help tackle these problems.


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Cherry blossoms near the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

IUCN North America works with the United States and Canadian governments and members to help align conservation policies, provide platforms among other means of sharing lessons learned/best practices within the region and globally, and mobilize conservation resources to benefit conservation efforts in region and globally. 

IUCN-United States

IUCN-United States is a partner organization to IUCN, incorporated in 1986 in the District of Columbia with a 501(c)(3) charitable status under U.S. law and is legally distinct from IUCN. IUCN-US provides financial support to both IUCN and other partner organization with similar missions in addressing some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges. It has been supporting IUCN, and its network of members and partners for over 25 years. By partnering with IUCN-US, IUCN is better able to channel U.S. funding opportunities to the Union.