IBRRI Wetland Policy

fishing boatPhoto: © Min Nyan Seik


Operational Objective 3: Assist with the development and/or strengthening and implementation of policy frameworks, taking in to account wetlands management and conservation across sectors and at all levels

National Wetland Committees and Working Groups

Thailand’s Wetlands Technical Working Group and ONEP met regularly on various topics including “Enhancing Participatory Wetlands Management”

Myanmar National Wetland Committee (NWC) was formed in 2016 to enhance coordination in wetlands conservation and management, with two meetings per year

Viet Nam established a national working group on wetlands

Policies and strategies

Cambodia developed Guidance for the Wise Use of Freshwater Wetlands

Lao PDR developed a Ramsar Action Plan (2021-2025) based on the IBRRI Strategic Plan

Myanmar National Wetland Policy endorsed by the government in January 2019

Thailand undergoing 2nd revision of The Cabinet Resolution of Internationally and Nationally Important Wetlands

Viet Nam: MONRE developed the Decree on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wetlands, approved by the government in 2019.

IBRRI and RRC-EA held a Regional Wetlands Policy Dialogue to review national wetlands policies