SSC Internal Grant

Applications for the SSC Internal Grant are from June 19th 2023 to July 21st 2023.

The main purpose of this grant is to encourage and promote activities that contribute to the Species Conservation Cycle ratified as the SSC framework in our Species Strategic Plan 2021-2025, through the allocation of small funds —from ($USD) $2,000 to $3,500. These funds are available thanks to this partnership with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi. In addition, as well as falling under the Species Conservation Cycle framework, we also seek to support those activities specified by SSC groups in their annual ‘SSC DATA’ target setting and reporting effort.

Location: Worldwide

Timeline: We will have two rounds of applications per year, open during January and June. 


This round will be open for all the components of our Species Conservation Cycle. It means that we will fund requests related to: 


Species Conservation Cycle
  • Assess: Understand and inform the world about the status and trends of biodiversity.  
  • Plan: Develop collaborative, inclusive, science-based conservation strategies, plans, and policies.
  • Act: Convene and mobilise conservation actions to improve the status of biodiversity.
  • Network: Enhance and support our immediate network and alliances to achieve our biodiversity targets.
  • Communicate: Drive strategic and targeted communications to enhance our conservation impact.


This grant opportunity will be open for all our Specialist Groups, Stand-Alone Red List Authorities, Task Forces and Conservation Committees. Any SSC group interested in applying should:

  • The proposal must be approved by the leaders of each SSC group. Please include the Chair’s endorsement within the proposal.
  • Each SSC group must be registered in the SSC DATA Information, have set their targets for the current quadrennium (2021-2025) and have uploaded the 2021 and 2022 results. Click on this SSC DATA Resources pack for further instructions on how to upload information to the SSC DATA System.
  • Clearly specify the activity which requires financial support, to be carried out in 2023, and contributes to a target set for the current quadrennium (2021-2025). Priority will be given to those targets set for completion during 2023-2024.
  • Timeframe for the activities should be between 12-24 months. 
  • Include supporting information related to the activity to be carried out. 
  • The budget must clearly show how the funds will cover all activities indicated in the proposal.
  • Review all required information on the SSC Internal Grant proposal template. All sections are mandatory and cannot be deleted.

Who can apply

This funding opportunity will be open to the entire SSC Network: Specialist Groups, Stand-alone Red List Authorities, Task Forces, Conservation Committees and National Species Specialist Groups. The proposal must be submitted by the chair or a member of the group duly registered in the IUCN Union Portal as part of the SSC group.

General requirements

  • The proposal must be approved by the SSC group leaders. Please include the chair’s endorsement within the proposal. You can find an example here: Endorsement letter
  • The project will focus on species or small groups of species, it can be any taxon or region.
  • The budget must clearly show how the funds will be used to cover all of the activities performed by the applicant indicated in the proposal, which will be carried out in 2023-2024 and which contributes to an objective set for the SSC Group for the current quadrennium (2021-2025). Priority will be given to objectives set for realization during 2023-2024. 
  • The budget may only be used to cover the activities described in the proposal and in the timeline. In the event that the project receives other funds, it is important that the budget table indicates the additional funds already secured to enable project implementation.
  • Allocated budget per project of US$ 3,500 maximum. Funds can be used to cover the partial or total cost of the proposed activity.
  • The timeline of activities must have a minimum continuous duration of 12 months and a maximum of 24 months. Any extension of the project date must be notified in advance to Mayerlin Ramos via email ( informing the reasons for the request.
  • The work must be carried out within the SSC group and may involve partner organizations, universities or a research group.

SSC DATA Information System: requirements

  • The SSC group must be properly registered in the SSC DATA Information System.
  • The project objectives must MATCH those registered in SSC DATA Information System for the current four-year period (2021-2025).
  • Group results for 2021 and 2022 must be uploaded into SSC DATA Information System (Group Chair, click on this link for further instructions on how to upload information into the system). 

How to apply

PHASE 1: Prior application call open

Step 1: Chairs and members may identify activities/projects for 2023-2024 aligned with their registered targets. Please note that each SSC Group can only submit ONE application per round. We will admit up to TWO (2) proposals from SSC groups with more than 50 members, but at least one of the proposals must focus on the ACT component of our Species Conservation Cycle. 
Step 2: Check with the chair groups if they have uploaded the targets for 2021-2025 and 2021/ 2022 results within the SSC Data Information System. Verify that the proposed project/activity clearly contributes to an uploaded target.  The target in the proposal must match the target in the SSC Data Information System.
Step 3: Review and prepare the SSC Internal Grant Proposal Template.

PHASE 2: Applications will receive from June 19th 2023 to July 21st 2023–11:59 PM (GMT-4) Caracas, Venezuela.

Step 4: Submit your proposal by completing the SSC Internal Grant Proposal Template. All sections are mandatory and cannot be deleted. Applications must be submitted through the following [Google form]
Step 5: Once the application is submitted through the Google form, please send the proposal by email to Mayerlin Ramos (

PHASE 3: After deadline for application call on July 21st 2023

Step 6: The SSC Chair’s Office evaluation team will start the evaluation process. If possible, the Chair and leader of the project will be contacted to clarify, verify or provide any additional information.
Step 7: Selected proposals will be announced in late August 2023 by email and through the SSC Internship Grant website and via email.

PHASE 4: Reporting process


Consideration will be given to the network priorities of the Species Strategic Plan 2021-2025, the funds available to allocate in each call, and the groups/activity determined to have the more urgent support needs. We will also consider whether the group has received funds from this grant previously, to ensure the benefits of this grant can reach the diversity of groups across the network. Important: We are not assigning grants to groups that still have projects running from previous rounds.


For further information, please contact Mayerlin Ramos.