Centers for Species Survival

Centers for Species Survival (CSS) are partnerships between the SSC Chair’s Office and leading species conservation organisations.

They empower dedicated partner-based staff teams of at least one full-time staff member, to work closely with relevant SSC Groups in catalysing priority efforts for assess-plan-act at various geographic scales or taxonomic or thematic focuses. 

The SSC works closely with CSSs across NGOs, government agencies, zoos and aquariums, among other stakeholders, to understand the key networks and conservation efforts that are underway in their country or region. Many of the CSS staff receive training in IUCN Red Listing, conservation planning and other knowledge products to support the SSC network and efforts, often at the national level, identifying priority gaps and ensuring that efforts, resources and experts are effectively connected to maximize conservation species impact.

CSS Marine - Oceanario de Lisboa
CSS United Kingdom - Paradise Wildlife Park
CSS Macaronesia - Loro Parque Fundación
CSS Ireland - Dublin Zoo
CSS Cologne Zoo
CSS New Mexico BioPark Society
CSS Marine - Georgia Aquarium
CSS Freshwater - Shedd Aquarium
CSS Trees - Morton Arboretum
CSS Biodiversity Biobanking - San Diego
Global CCS - Indianapolis Zoo
CSS Brazil - Parque das Aves
CSS Argentina - Fundación Temaikèn
CSS Southeast Asia - Mandai Nature Singapore
CSS India - Wildlife Trust of India
CSS Asian Elephant - Columbus Zoo and Wildlife Trust of India
CSS Australasia - Zoo and Aquarium Association
CSS Nigeria - APLORI

The current goal is to establish at least one Center for Species Survival on each continent, and for each of these teams to be key catalysts working closely with SSC to provide support in training, assessments, planning and mobilizing action across the conservation community within their regions.