SSC Roll of Honour

Appointed by the Steering Committee, this honour may be awarded posthumously to highly distinguished people who have played critical roles in the history of the Commission. 

  • Prof Alexey Yablokov, Russian Federation
  • HRH Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, Netherlands
  • Dr Boonsong Lekagul, Thailand 
  • Lieut. Col. C.L. Boyle, UK
  • Dr George Rabb
  • Prof Grenville Lucas, UK
  • Dr Harold ‘Hal’ Jefferson Coolidge
  • Major Ian R. Grimwood, Kenya 
  • Dr Kai Curry-Lindahl, Sweden
  • Dr Lee Talbot
  • Mrs Maisie Fitter, UK 
  • Sir Peter Scott
  • Dr Ralph Daly
  • Mr Richard S.R. Fitter, UK