The Harry Messel Award for Conservation Leadership

Professor Harry Messel was the former long-standing Chair of the SSC Crocodile Specialist Group.

The award, established in 2004 in his name, recognises exemplary service to the SSC, especially from individuals who have made a specific contribution to species conservation on the ground or through their leadership, as part of the work of an SSC Specialist Group or Task Force.

Award: a certificate recognising the contribution, and a financial award of US $1,000, presented in a context important to the individual recipient.

Recipients 2019

Pritpal Soorae. In recognition of his more than 20 years of dedicated service to the SSC Conservation Translocation (formerly Reintroduction) Specialist Group, backstopping the work of three successive chairs of the group, advising and supporting countless reintroduction projects worldwide, and your leadership of the Global Reintroduction.

Andre Botha. In recognition of his determined leadership of vulture conservation in Africa since 2004, especially your work to highlight and combat the growing problem of illegal vulture poisoning on the continent, and co-chairing of the IUCN SSC Vulture Specialist Group.

Ariadne Angulo. In recognition of her strategic, focused and tireless leadership of amphibian conservation within the SSC, and your commitment to help and support amphibian conservationists throughout the world using a unique combination of dedication, integrity and good humour.

Malin Rivers. In recognition of her enthusiastic and highly successful management of the Global Tree Assessment, driving forward the IUCN Red List assessments of trees at a far greater rate than ever before; and your chairing of the IUCN SSC Red List Technical Working Group.

Laurent Tatin. In recognition for his pivotal role in developing and leading the Crau Plain Grasshopper conservation strategy in France, which has become a blueprint for insect conservation planning and a flagship example of successful conservation collaboration.

Recipients 2015

Ms Elham Abtin. In recognition of her courageous leadership of crocodile conservation and scientific research in the Sistan and Baluchistan Provinces of Iran, and her participation in the SSC Crocodile Specialist Group.

IUCN Global Fungal Red List Initiative. In particular to Anders Dahlberg and Greg Mueller, in recognition of their vision to develop and lead the innovative work on the red listing of fungi, now resulting in a huge increase in the number of fungi species assessed for their extinction risk.

Ms Cathy Dean. In recognition of her passionate and committed leadership of Save The Rhino International, greatly benefitting rhinoceros conservation in Africa and Asia, and her long-term support of the SSC African Rhino Specialist Group.

Mr Quentin Luke. In recognition of his exceptional leadership of plant conservation in East Africa, and especially for founding and driving forward the SSC East African Plant Red List Authority.

Dr Goutam Narayan. In recognition of his pivotal role on leading the Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme in north-eastern India since 1995, thus saving a whole genus from extinction, and his long service to the SSC Wild Pig Specialist Group.

Dr Mijoro Rakotoarinivo. In recognition of his pioneering leadership on the conservation of palms in Madagascar, including his huge contributions to the SSC Madagascar Plant and Palm Specialist Groups.

Dr William Robichaud. In recognition of his extraordinary leadership in raising global attention for the conservation of the Saola through the SSC Saola Working Group, building a dedicated network of scientists and practitioners in Laos and Vietnam focused on saving this iconic species.

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