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MEDARTSALT call for proposals - small grants for artisanal salinas in the Mediterranean

Salinas across Mediterranean are today facing many pressures due to social values change and economic stresses; the market of their products is subject to strong competition from cheaper land-produced salt and the world trade.

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Faced with the need to be economically viable, salinas are confronted with the choice of closing, industrializing the production or changing the business orientation towards sustainable tourism and new artisanal products, already successfully experienced. A sustainable Salina is a salina that uses natural resources to generate economy but in a socially and environmentally respectful way, ensuring the use of resources in the future.

MedArtSal project is funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme and promoted in four Med regions (Spain, Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon). The project total budget is € 3.2 million and the EU contribution is € 2.9 million (90%). MedArtSal aims to promote the sustainable development of the artisanal salinas, providing concrete support on economic, environmental and governance issues.

In this context the MedArtSal project is issuing call for proposals for sub-grants aiming at selecting and implementing the actions/activities to support Salinas owners or managers to increase the sustainability of their salina. Eligible activities under this call foster the salinas’ local economic development based on a sustainable salt production and development of new products/service, while preserving the local environmental and cultural values.

The overall call for proposal for sub-grant cover the four Project countries (Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia) for a total budget of 480.000 euro. Four sub-calls for proposal country-based and in national languages are issued in order to define actions/activities that better fit with national contexts.

This call for proposal is issued for salinas based in Spain.

The guidelines set out the rules for the submission, selection and implementation of the actions/activities financed under this call, in conformity with the ENI CBC MED Programme rules, which are applicable to the present call (available at ). All call for proposal documents are provided in two languages (English and Spanish). In case of discrepancies the English version prevails.

Sub-grant applicants are invited to submit an application in Spanish using the model of application form (Annex 2-1) and to provide all due document as listed in the guidelines.

Applications has to be received by no later than the 12/04/2021 h 18:00 local time. Application received after the deadline will be rejected.

List of annexes

Annex 1:         Guidelines for applicants [en] [es]    LAST VERSION

Annex 2-1:      Sub-grant application form (Word format) [en] [es]

Annex 2-2:      NEW: Budget (Excel format) [en] [es]    LAST VERSION

Annex 3:         NEW: Environmental check grids (Word format) [en] [es]    LAST VERSION

Annex 4:         Evaluation grid [en] [es]

Annex 5:         Standard sub-grant contract [en] [es]

Annex 6:         De minimis declaration for sub-grantee (Word format) [en] [es]

Annex 7:         Declaration impartiality confidentiality (Word format) [en] [es]

Annex 8:         Complete Organization data form (Word format) [en] [es]

Annex 9-1:      Activity report template (Word format) [en] [es]

Annex 9-2:      Financial report template (Excel format) [en] [es]   LAST VERSION


1st NOTICE: CORRIGENDUM and extension of the deadline 23/03/2021 

Annex 1: NEW Guidelines for applicants [en] [es]



Annex 1: NEW Guidelines for applicants [en] [es]



The evaluation phase of the proposals has now been completed. 

Final list of selected proposals.


!!! An additional INFO WEBINAR will be organized on the 29th March at 11H00 h CET time.
To register send an e-mail to by indicating your full name and surname, company name (if applicable) and your contacts. You will receive the link to join the meeting some days before.


List of supporting documents

Annex A:         The MedArtSal project [en] [es]

Annex B:         MedArtSal Sustainable Salinas Index s toolkit [en] [es]


NEW Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [en] [es]


DOCUMENTATION: A Webinar to support the applicants interested in the call for proposals was held on February 26th.

Material of the Webinar is also available here following:

Introductory video

1. MedArtSal project and programme of the Webinar [en]

2. MedArtSal Model and toolkit [en]

3. New applications of Macroalgae cultivated in La Esperanza salina(Spain) [en]

4. Testing case study -Pilot production of Dunaliella Salina microalgae in Sabkhas’ (in-land) Salina (Tunisia) [en]

5. Marketing Plan and e-commerce platform presentation [en]

6. Best Practices in Sustainable Tourism [en]

7. MEET Network [en]

8. NETWORK of Mediterranean artisanal SALINAS [en]

Tutorial Video:  “How to grow macroalgae in salt flats” & “Simple things you can do to improve biodiversity in Salinas” [es, sub-titles in English]

9. Presentation of sub-grant selection and awarding procedure [es


For further information: Helena Clavero