Article | 04 Juin, 2019

Training workshop for managers and technicians in the development of Blue Carbon projects

Odiel wetlands, Huelva, Spain, 16-18 September 2019

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Photo: IUCN-Med

"Blue Carbon" is the carbon assimilated and stored by marine and coastal ecosystems such as wetlands, marshes, mangroves, and seagrass beds. It represents a large natural carbon sink, and as such, can provide new incentives that prioritize restoration and conservation of these important ecosystems. Comprehensive and innovative Blue Carbon projects are being launched around the world to help consolidate the baseline knowledge and to assess the potential of these ecosystems in order to promote a strong push that will enhance the contribution that these habitats make to mitigate global climate change.

This first workshop aims to develop the capacity of the participants to understand how blue carbon can be measured and utilized to promote conservation and restoration of coastal ecosystems. Specifically, it will explore:

- Applications behind the Blue Carbon concept and its potential to promote the value for conservation and restoration of coastal wetlands and seagrasses in Europe.

- Overview on methods for assessing carbon stocks and emissions from blue carbon ecosystems: Measuring Blue Carbon ecosystems extend/variation, carbon sequestration, carbon stocks for coastal wetlands and seagrasses.

- Guidance for developing and implementing a blue carbon projects: Understanding opportunities and risks in voluntary carbon markets (within international and national/EU policy context), the necessary documentation, monitoring, and verification costs for the development of blue carbon projects.

The workshop to be held in 16-18 September 2019 inclusive. It is aimed at anyone interested in the conservation and restoration of coastal ecosystems (particularly seagrass beds and wetlands) or in the area of ​​climate change, including technicians and managers of natural resources and protected areas, environmental consultancies, researchers and associations.

Interested participants are requested to send an e-mail to, explaining their motivation to participating and including a short summary of their CV. 

Deadline for submission of applications: 30th August 2019. This call is for Spanish and EU Mediterranean participants.