Article | 27 Mar, 2024

Palgongsan National Park designated as Korea celebrates the 4th anniversary of National Park Day Ceremony

On the 4th March, Environment Minister, Han Hwa-Jin, and the National Park Service Chairman, Song Hyung-Geun, held a ceremony to celebrate the designation of Palgongsan National Park and the 4th annual National Park Day in Daegu, Korea.

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Photo: KNPS

Palgongsan Mountain in Daegu and Gyeongbuk was designated as a national park on December 31st 2023, and the Ministry of Environment and the National Park Service began managing Palgongsan National Park on January 1 of this year. More than 500 people, including local residents, religious, youth, and national and local government officials, attended the ceremony to enjoy videos, awards, and commemorative speeches.

The theme of this year's National Park Day is "National Park with the Region", which contains the vision and ambition for national parks drive development alongside local communities.

At the ceremony, a total of nine people and organisations were awarded the government award, including Don Myung, the head of the Korean Buddhist Jogye Order, and Park Geum-mo, the chairman of the National Park Luxury Village Council, for their contribution to the promotion of Palgongsan National Park and the development of the national park.

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Meanwhile, in connection with the ceremony, the Ministry of Environment and the National Park Service are holding various weekly events throughout national parks until March 10. Events include a Palgongsan National Park Conservation and Use Symposium, free screening of national park documentary films, distribution of passports for visiting national parks, pop-up stores for national park character products, and a National Park Exploration Service Idea Contest.

Minister of Environment, Han Hwa-Jin, said "it is important not only to systematically preserve national parks, but also to use them sustainably so that the people and local communities can enjoy their benefits in abundance and we will continue to expand related facilities and programs so that visitors can experience national parks without any inconvenience, while promoting ecotourism in connection with the region to save the local economy and promote resident support projects such as improving living conditions."

Palgongsan Mountain was designated as a provincial park on 13th May 1980, and was designated as South Korea's 23rd National Park on 31st December, 2023. Palgongsan National Park spans the borders of five cities, counties, and districts, including Dong-gu and Gunwi-gun in Daegu Metropolitan City, Gyeongsan-si, Yeongcheon-si, and Chilgok-gun in Gyeongbuk province, and has a total area of 126.058㎢.

palgongsan_1-min.jpgPhoto: KNPS

In Palgongsan Mountain, 77 scenic resources are distributed, including Gasanbawi Rock and Chisan Falls, and 15 endangered species such as red bats, hawks, otters, and martens, as well as a total of 5,296 wildlife species. In addition, a total of 92 cultural resources are distributed, including 2 national treasures (Yeongcheon Eunhaesa Geozoam Yeongsanjeon, and Gunwi Amitaerae Samjonseokgul), 30 state-designated cultural properties, 61 local-designated cultural properties, and 1 registered cultural property.

In addition, the 9th parish headquarters of the Jogye Order (Donghwasa) and the 10th parish headquarters (Eunhaesa) are located, indicating that they have been the pivotal base of Korean Buddhist history and cultural heritage since ancient times. In particular, Treasure No. 431 Stone Buddha of Palgongsan Mountain is famous as Korea's primary prayer place for Buddhists from all over the country, saying that if you make a wish with your intelligence, you will be granted one wish.