Eastern chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) : status survey and conservation action plan 2010-2020

Authors: Amsini, F., Bennett, E., Beyers, R., Didier, K., Furuichi, T., Greer, D., Griffin, B., Hart, J., Hashimoto, C., Hernandez, A., Hicks, C., Idani, G., Kamenya, S., Kanamori, M., Makana, J. R., McClennan, M., McNeilage, Alastair, Moore, J., Mulindahabi, F., Nakamura, M., Nangendo, G., Nixon, S., Ogawa, H., Piel, A., Pintea, Lilian, Plumptre, Andrew J., Rose, R., Sakamaki, T., Stewart, F., Tranquilli, S., Vosper, A., Williamson, Elizabeth A., Yoshikawa, M., Zamma, K.,

The eastern chimpanzee is classified as “endangered” and of global conservation concern. This publication offers a 10-year plan which, if fully implemented, will go a long way to ensuring the maintenance of viable populations of the eastern chimpanzee across much of its existing range. Chimpanzees are excellent flagship and umbrella species for conservation; protecting their populations and habitat protects innumerable other species.