Article | 02 Nov, 2021

Call for expressions of interest to be a member of the IUCN Expert Assessment Group for the Green List (EAGL) for Lao PDR

The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas Programme (Green List for short) was officially launched in 2014 at the World Parks Congress to recognise and promote successful protected and conserved areas around the world. The main objective of the Green List is to encourage protected and conserved areas to measure, improve and maintain their performance through globally consistent criteria on good governance, sound design and planning, effective management and, successful conservation outcomes. For more details on the IUCN Green List programme, please visit 

The Expert Assessment Group for the Green List (EAGL) is at the heart of Green List implementation and is established in every participating jurisdiction. The EAGL adapts the global Green List Standard to the jurisdictional context and evaluates and assesses protected and conserved areas that apply to be added to the Green List.

We are seeking Expressions of Interest in becoming an EAGL member for the jurisdiction. Benefits of being an EAGL member include advancing PA management effectiveness and fairly governed PAs, membership with the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, and an opportunity to become part of the global Green List community of PA practitioners and stakeholders in more than 30 countries to date. It is important to note that EAGL members are expected to work on a voluntary basis, in their personal capacity, and according to their expertise without representing any organisation.

Interested individuals are kindly requested to apply no later than the 1st of December 2021 via

The online form under this link asks for:

  1. Your professional experience in a pre-defined table format.
  2. A self-evaluation of your competency.
  3. A short statement on why you are interested to join the EAGL.
  4. An up-to-date CV (in English if available)
  5. A declaration of your relevant interests to manage any Conflict of Interest
  6. Confirmation of your commitment to dedicate up to 10 days of volunteer time per year (0.8 days per month) to the EAGL tasks, over at least two years. All travel and logistic expenditures will be covered.

The Annex below shows the application form and competency criteria for your information (or if you are unable to access the online form, the Annex can be used).

To learn more about the IUCN Green List and the benefits for sites and EAGL members, all interested are welcome to attend a public orientation webinar organised by IUCN and the  Department of Forestry. Please register to attend this public webinar on or

The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), Department of Forestry, and an independent Reviewer will evaluate all applications and select a group typically of 5 to 15 individuals to form the EAGL. Appointed EAGL members will need to sign a 'Declaration of Engagement' (see below). All applicants will have an opportunity to join the WCPA as members[1], so long as they meet the WCPA membership criteria.

Please feel free to get in touch with our focal points below should you wish to find out more about the IUCN Green List and the EAGL or if you have any other queries.