Saproxylic beetles assessment workshop, November 30th- December 3rd 2015, Alicante (Spain)

The IUCN Centre of Mediterranean Cooperation in collaboration with the Iberoamerican Centre for Biodiversity (CIBIO) of the University of Alicante is organizing a 4 day workshop to assess the extinction risk of 550 species of Saproxylic beetles belonging to the Mediterranean.

Amorphocephala coronata

This workshop will review the conservation status of 550 Mediterranean Saproxylic beetles according to the IUCN regional Red Listing guidelines. It will identify those species that are threatened with extinction at the regional level – in order to take appropriate conservation actions to improve their status.
Saproxylic species are dependent, during some part of their life cycle, on the dead or dying wood of moribund or dead trees, or on wood-inhabiting fungi, or on the presence of other Saproxylics. These beetles play a major role in nutrient cycling, since they are involved in decomposition processes in natural ecosystems. Many are also involved in pollination. Unfortunately, these species face many threats such as habitat loss in relation to logging, wood harvesting and the decline of old trees. In addition to lack of landscape management targeted at replanting and recruiting of new generations of trees and the removal of dead trees.

This Regional Red List workshop is part of an important regional initiative to conduct comprehensive extinction risk assessments of the more than 2,500 species of invertebrates and plants that occur in the Mediterranean region (more info about the initiative HERE).

Developing Mediterranean Red Lists for these species groups will provide a comprehensive overview of their extinction risk and distributions in the Mediterranean, and will contribute to guiding policy decisions and conservation actions. These new assessments will supplement the existing Mediterranean Red Lists and will provide a detailed picture of the status of biodiversity in the Mediterranean region, thus, contributing to making the Mediterranean Red List a Barometer of Life.

The IUCN Red List assessment workshop of Mediterranean Saproxylic beetles, a conservation initiative funded by the MAVA foundation.

For further information, please contact: Catherine Numa

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