Article | 22 Aoû, 2018

Youth Forum at the 20th Tripartite Environmental Ministers’ Meeting in China

Upon  invitation  from  #NatureForAll  partner,  China  Environmental  Education  Center  (CEEC)  of  Ministry  of  Ecology  and  Environment,  China,  IUCN  CEC  member  Hanying  Li  spoke  and  facilitated  the  Youth  Forum  during  20th  TEMM  among  China,  Japan  and  S.  Korea,  which  was  organized  in  Suzhou,  China,  June  22-24,  2018.  

CEC Steering Committee Member Hanying introduced #IUCNCEC work and the #NatureForAll to students and observers from three countries.

Plastic pollution was a key topic discussed by students. Hanying linked the topic to UN Environment’s #BeatPlasticPollution campaign, for which CEC is a key partner. Plastics issue was included in the final Youth Message as one of the top four concerns of youth in the sub-region (other three are air pollution, green transportation, and climate change). The Youth presented the Message to the three Ministers at the closing ceremony and called for more actions to be taken to tackle the issues.

Meanwhile, youth in E. Asia are also taking lead in environmental education to the public and they are initiating activities to be implemented in three countries at the same time, such as Clean the Beach project.

For more information contact: Hanying Li