North America

Based in the U.S. national capital, we engage with the U.S. Government and leading policy and financial institutions to foster dialogue and action on nature-based solutions to some of humanity's greatest challenges.


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Our work

The IUCN North America region operates from the Washington D.C. office where we promote and share IUCN's science-based knowledge products among policymakers and the private sector, convene Member organisations to provide input on partner policies and standards, and work alongside government agencies to develop conservation and sustainable development programmes around the globe.


IUCN runs several thematic programmes within the North American Office, including initiatives related to ecosystem-based adaptation, forest landscape restoration, gender, governance and rights, and biodiversity assessments. In addition, coordinators for the Sargasso Sea Commission are based in the North American Office. 

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IUCN-United States

IUCN-United States is a partner organization to IUCN, incorporated in 1986 in the District of Columbia with a 501(c)(3) charitable status under U.S. law. It has been supporting IUCN, and its network of members and partners for over 25 years. IUCN-US provides financial support to both IUCN and other partner organization with similar missions in addressing some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges.