IUCN’s headquarters are in Gland, near Geneva, Switzerland, and we have regional, outpost, country and project offices around the world. In addition to contributing knowledge, convening and capacity-building work, the Secretariat manages projects worldwide and coordinates support services to Members and Commissions.


Accountable to the IUCN Council, the Secretariat is led by our Director General and three deputy directors general.  


Dr Bruno Oberle

Dr Bruno Oberle assumed office as Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in July 2020.

Director General speeches and statements

Former IUCN Directors General


SungAh Lee

Deputy Director General - Corporate Services 
SungAh Lee brings with her more than 20 years of experience in corporate strategy and results-based management, international relations


Stewart Maginnis

Deputy Director General - Programme 
Stewart Maginnis has worked in sustainable development and biodiversity conservation for 35 years. He has lived for extensive periods in Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana 


Dr Grethel Aguilar

Deputy Director General - Regions and Outposted Offices
Dr Grethel Aguilar brings 30 years of experience in conservation and sustainable development with governments and civil society.  


IUCN’s Centres

The Secretariat includes five Centres, one reports to the Director General and four led by our Deputy Director General – Programme. Three Centres reflect the pillars of sustainable development: environmental sustainability, economic feasibility and social equity. These are reinforced by Centres that focus on science and data, and international policy.

Regional offices

IUCN has eleven operational regions which implement IUCN’s Programme in their respective territories. Each operational region is led by a director who reports to the Director General via the Deputy Director General - Regional and Outposted Offices.

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Corporate services

Under the leadership of our Deputy Director General - Corporate Services, our teams are responsible for constituency support, strategic partnerships and donor relations, communications, human resources, legal, finance, global convenings and events, and knowledge and information management.

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