Story | 07 Aug, 2023

International Youth Day: Green Skills for Youth

Wishing our readers a very happy Youth Day! As we commemorate the energy and passion of young people worldwide, we can't ignore the pressing challenges they face today and what they might potentially face in the future.

The world is undergoing rapid technological advancements, including the widespread use of artificial intelligence, while also confronting multiple planetary crises. This has led to a volatile and uncertain future, making planning for the coming decades more unpredictable than ever. The youth are now, more than ever before, ready to find ways to work together and ensure a secure and safe future for all.

The youth of today are well aware of these circumstances and recognize the urgency to act. We believe that transforming our education system is crucial to equip ourselves with the skills needed to navigate these uncharted waters successfully. In this newsletter, we explore the theme of "Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World," highlighting the importance of cultivating skills such as critical thinking, adaptability, and rapid skill acquisition to cope with fast-changing job markets. The newsletter also focuses on youth initiatives that organizations have started to build the skills of youth for on-ground conservation and policy/advocacy-oriented actions. It also sheds light on the challenges and importance of considering youth as an important stakeholder in addressing the planetary crisis.

In addition to skill development, we emphasize the significance of interdisciplinary knowledge, always grounded at the intersection of sustainability and upholding values of mutual respect, compassion, and empathy. As future leaders, we must be equipped to tackle complex issues with holistic solutions, considering the social, environmental, and economic aspects of every challenge. Tackling such issues with holistic solutions would be challenging without the bigger picture and goal as a guide.

With the uncertainty surrounding our planet's livability in the next 40-50 years, this newsletter delves into the profound transformations required in our education systems and day-to-day lives. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future, one that nurtures a generation of mindful and skilled youth who can shape a world we can all thrive in.

Happy reading!


Swetha Stotra Bhashyam, Chair of IUCN CEESP Young Professional & Global South Focal Point of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN)

Sudha Kottillil and Shruthi Kottillil, CEESP Newsletter Editors and members of GYBN

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