Position paper

IUCN Position paper for CBD SBSTTA26

IUCN presents views and recommendations for different SBSTTA26 agenda items.

Main Messages

Monitoring framework for the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (Agenda item 3)

  • IUCN commends the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Indicators on their work in further operationalising the monitoring framework and the prioritised focus on tracking its headline indicators.
  • IUCN urges SBSTTA to recommend the COP the adoption of a robust and comprehensive monitoring framework that maximises the guidance and options available to Parties when assessing progress in the implementation of the KMGBF.
  • IUCN strongly encourages the utilisation of the Global Ecosystem Typology level 3 to ensure a consistent approach to monitoring ecosystems across the framework.
  • IUCN supports the approach proposed to generate five disaggregations of Indicator 3.1, which are essential for tracking progress towards the diverse elements of Target 3.
  • IUCN supports maintaining the framework under review to fill gaps among the headline indicators, and a continuing role for the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership.

Scientific and technical needs to support the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (Agenda item 4)

  • In the absence of dedicated Programmes of Work, formal or informal support groups and initiatives are well placed to identify issues and develop guidance to address gaps and support the implementation of the 2030 Targets. In this regard, IUCN suggest establishing partnerships or “Friends” of specific targets, involving the Secretariat of the Convention, and interested Parties and experts.
  • IUCN recommends better alignment of the agenda items of the Conference of the Parties and its subsidiary bodies with the goals and targets of the KMGBF, and that the Secretariat focal points reflect this.

Marine and Coastal Biodiversity (Agenda item 8)

  • IUCN welcomes efforts to ensure the EBSA process continues based on the most up-to-date science, with the full participation of relevant experts and knowledge holders and supports the proposed modalities to (re-)describe these important areas.
  • IUCN stands ready to support the Executive Secretary in identifying opportunities for the scientific and technical work conducted under the Convention to inform the implementation of the High Seas Treaty.

Biodiversity and health (Agenda item 9)

  • IUCN welcomes the general actions proposed in the Global Action Plan and urges Parties, other Governments and stakeholders to adopt and implement them.