Nurturing capacity to engage in Biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Mediterranean

The urgent need for effective biodiversity management in these countries, lead IUCN ROWA to support local NGOs in their role of increasing range of conservation functions there, tackling their needs to improve their technical capacity, advocacy/networking skills and institutional strength to fully meet their potential. 

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More importantly, they are intent on overcoming their fragmented and project-driven mode of operation, and on engaging with national and regional policy agendas, in a concerted and effective way.

The improving enabling conditions for Civil Society engagement and the strong IUCN network in the Levant offer an opportunity for achieving a four-year project aimed to exploit, based on a joint preliminary needs assessment with 26 regional partners in November 2011:

  1. Support technical innovation and capacity development of NGOs and a few key Government institutions on conservation and advocacy/networking,
  2. Facilitate effective networking platforms and joint policy development of the four national conservation communities,
  3. Assist the overall institutional capacity development of participating organizations, and
  4. Disseminate the lessons learned, innovations and policy related achievements among an even wider stakeholder community in the project countries and beyond.

The project underpinned  the needs and priorities of participating organizations in the centre of capacity developing efforts and makes optimal use of the expertise and experience available within the region, through mutual learning, hands-on learning projects and joint policy initiatives.