Specialist Groups and Task Forces

Specialist Groups and Task Forces are essential for ensuring that our Commission’s work is based on cutting-edge science, knowledge, and best practices, and that it represents a global perspective. 

Specialist Groups and Task Forces are a critical component of WCPA’s work, bringing together experts from around the world on specific topics to produce publications, compile knowledge, network, and share best practices. They are composed of WCPA members only, and experts, youth, and knowledge-holders interested in these groups are encouraged to apply for WCPA membership. 

Specialist Groups and Task Forces are often called upon to address complex and controversial conservation issues. They carry a powerful role in the global conservation community, able to influence the policies of IUCN and others through the provision of sound, knowledge based arguments.

Specialist Groups are permanent groups within WCPA, established by the Chair to address priority topics within the conservation space. Task Forces are temporary groups with a fixed term, established by the Chair to address time-sensitive issues and important opportunities for the Commission and protected and conserved areas. 

To enhance their input to the continuing growth of WCPA’s leadership in protected areas and conservation, Specialist Group and Task Force Chairs are encouraged to operate on their own prerogative and resources, in consultation with their members, to deliver on their mandate. The full terms of reference for WCPA Specialist Groups and Task Forces can be found here. 

If you are interested in joining a Specialist Group or Task Force, please contact the group’s Chair, available on the group’s webpage. 

Specialist Groups

Task Forces