SSC DATA is our system to monitor the activities carried out by the SSC Network and determine our conservation impact on species. It is key to know how SSC groups are doing, what targets they are pursuing, what results they achieve each year and what are their support and partnership needs.

SSC DATA provides key information to help our network identify and set priorities, choose among alternative strategies and identify potential partnerships. Specifically, the system provides insights for conservation planning, capacity building, allocation of funds, development of partnerships, implementation of conservation actions and tracking of progress and impact in halting biodiversity loss.

SSC DATA process

SSC DATA was created as an online platform with a broad set of functions.

SSC leaders access the system with a username and password to provide and manage all the information related to the groups they chair, including general information about the group, targets for the quadrennium, report of annual results in real-time, uploading of images and documents, acknowledgement of partners and funding agencies, listing of support and partnership needs, invitation to collaborators, designation of focal persons for the formulated targets, generation of reports (in Excel and PDF format), joining other SSC groups, and generation of statistics on the progress of a single group or the entire SSC Network throughout each quadrennium, among others. 

Outputs of the SSC DATA process

The SSC DATA process allows the SSC DATA Unit to analyze the provided data and generate a variety of products: