Country Reports

The Country Reports are descriptive pieces drafted by CCSG members and invited experts, which focus on pressing climate change issues in different jurisdictions.


Welcome to our Country Reports repository!

Please find below the link to download the most recent contributions:

Lebanon - by Imad Antoine Ibrahim

Open call for submissions: 

The Climate Change Specialist Group welcomes members to submit a Climate Change Country Report. The reports will provide input to our projects and be featured on the WCEL website.

Submissions should follow these guidelines: (1) the Country Reports should be descriptive pieces; (2) include the following sections: title, author information, introduction, conclusion, and references; (3) have a minimum of 500 words, and maximum of 1,200 words, excluding references; (4) sources should be properly acknowledged and referenced, following the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition); and (5) the manuscript should adopt a clear, academic language.

Please use this template for submissions and submit Country Reports to Marina Venâncio and copy Professor Christina Voigt