Story | 20 Apr, 2020

Renova Foundation’s response to the Rio Doce Panel’s recommendations are now available online

Recommendations are the principal product of the independent Rio Doce Panel, therefore, making Renova’s response public will foster greater transparency and accountability to the ongoing restoration process.

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Photo: Renova Foundation

Tracking the uptake of the Panel’s recommendations to the Renova Foundation is essential to monitor the progress, challenges and outcomes related to the recovery efforts of the Rio Doce Basin following the Fundão dam collapse in 2015.

Since 2017, The Rio Doce Panel (RDP) has issued one Thematic Report and five Issue Papers containing a total of 20 recommendations directed to the Renova Foundation with the purpose of providing guidance on the long-term restoration of the Rio Doce Basin. The foundation’s feedback helps to track the impact of these first reports as well as improve the Panel’s work in delivering technical and scientific advice.

As an Independent Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (ISTAP), the Rio Doce Panel’s recommendations are shared with the foundation’s technical and governance teams as well as with other directly involved relevant stakeholders.

All IUCN-led ISTAPs adhere to four principles: independence, transparency, accountability and engagement.  “Making Renova’s response to our recommendations publicly available is aligned with our principles and helps the public understand the work produced by the Panel,” said Yolanda Kakabadse, chair of RDP. “It also provides an important channel for those most affected to follow-up, particularly where it concerns issues related to their livelihoods.”

Comprised of international and national experts, who bring diverse technical skills, academic qualifications and local knowledge, the Panel takes a comprehensive view of the restoration efforts led by Renova and understands the complexity involved in a constantly changing environment. Although the recommendations are delivered directly to Renova, some are relevant to other regional actors, who, the Panel believes, should be integrated into the dialogue and decision-making process.

To access all the RDP recommendations and Renova’s responses, please visit:

All the publications of Rio Doce Panel are available at