Press release | 23 Aug, 2009

A Guide on Sustainable Overseas Forest Management and Utilization by Chinese Enterprises

A new guide book for sustainable forest management for Chinese enterprises working in overseas is available. Co-published by the State Forestry Administration (SFA) and Ministry of Finance (MOFCOM), the guide aims to enhance the guidance and regularization of the management and utilization of overseas forest resources by Chinese enterprises. It provides the industry with management criterion and self discipline basis.

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Photo: IUCN China


The Chinese and English guide book is consisted of chapters on law and regulations, requirements for forest management and utilization (including wood processing and transportation, personnel training, technical guidance, and the establishment of multi-stakeholder publicity and consultation system). Other chapters cover aspects of ecological protection and biodiversity conservation, as well as community development and rights of local residents.


Published in March 2009, this guide is produced in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Nature Conservancy (TNC), ForestTrends and IUCN. Apart from sharing our experience in this field, IUCN organized three multi-stakeholders meeting to incorporate their key ideas and suggestions. This guide book is a positive step toward China’s sustainable forest trade industry, showing government departments’ commitment in raising its business standards in the international arena.