World Commission on Protected Areas

We are the premier network of 2500 experts from 140 countries that mobilizes action in science, conservation, policy, and engagement to support well managed and connected parks and other protected areas


How we engage 

The Commission develops knowledge based policy, advice and guidance on the full suite of issues surrounding protected areas through the establishment of Specialist Groups and Task Forces. We bring together global experts to find solutions for programme priorities, including global protected area standards and Best Practice Guidelines.


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  • Wildebeest Photo: Gary Tabor

    Pioneering efforts come to fruition as Global Guidelines for Connectivity Conservation released


    The WCPA Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group has completed the first ever global guidelines for advancing best practices to protect the interconnections of protected and conserved areas, and restore degraded or fragmented ecosystems.

  • Graphic: Seabed mining effects on water column Graphic: Seabed mining effects on water column Photo: Jeff Drazen

    Deep-sea mining effects may be felt from top to bottom, surface to seabed


    Seabed mining effects will probably not be confined to the sea floor, argues a Proceedings of the National Academy (PNAS) journal article from the University of Hawaii, co-authored by IUCN's High Seas Adviser, Kristina Gjerde. The effects will be...

  • Red-throated Loon ssc Red-throated Loon Photo: Ken Archer.

    #NatureForAll: The sounds of nature


    We know that connecting with nature offers many health benefits, from releasing stress to improved mental and physical health. But more and more, we are realizing that simply listening to the sounds of nature can also have similar benefits. 

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Wilderness Best Practice Guidelines 25 Photo: IUCN WCPA

Best Practice Guidelines

Global Guidelines for protected area practitioners


PARKS Special Issue on OECMS June 2018 Photo: IUCN Parks Journal

The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation

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Grouper in Caribbean Marine Protected Area. Photo: Craig Dahlgren

Green List

The IUCN WCPA Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas Specialist Group will contribute to fostering an IUCN Green List Community within WCPA and across the Union that works to develop and support the IUCN Green List as a major IUCN initiative to improve the management of protected...
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Natural Solutions

THe IUCN WCPA Natural Solutions Theme promotes and develops the potential for protected areas to deliver a range of ecosystem services.


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