Corporate partners

Economic ‘success’ can no longer come at nature’s expense. IUCN works with the private sector to help transform economies and promote solutions that work for people and nature.

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IUCN’s value proposition to business 

More than 50% of the world’s GDP depends on nature and its services. Whether driven by consumer demand or imposed by rules and regulations, companies are increasingly called upon to reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to reversing biodiversity loss.

Through a holistic approach, IUCN works with leading companies in key sectors to improve their environmental performance. By engaging with IUCN, companies can access a suite of solutions, ranging from knowledge & tools to projects on the ground, to integrating biodiversity issues into standard business practices.

IUCN offers:

  • Knowledge, tools & standards - to apply biodiversity tools to measure, improve and share biodiversity performance;
  • Co-creation of projects - by addressing biodiversity impact assessment and strategic planning, management of sites, and Nature-based Solutions, through technical assistance;
  • Capacity building - by providing business professionals with standard and tailored training programmes, as well as secondment opportunities to expose and learn from IUCN’s experts across the world;
  • Convening opportunities - by developing, co-hosting, participating in multi-stakeholder platforms to discuss key biodiversity issues, generate innovative thinking, and build partnerships to accelerate nature-positive solutions;
  • Purpose-driven marketing - to build consumer and employee engagement for nature conservation.