Survey: Reinforcing and accelerating Corporate Water Stewardship

In the past few years, we looked at the role and performance of Corporate Water Stewardship, culminating in the report 'Water Management and Stewardship, taking stock of corporate water behaviour'. Two years later, we ask for your help in sharing your experience with us.

We are looking at how you perceive and approach water stewardship, including the role of the private sector. We would particularly like to better understand how corporate water stewardship engages with small to medium sized enterprises and supply chains. Also, how water stewardship is taking account of water quality issues, as well as water quantity and scarcity.  

We expect the survey will take at most 15 minutes of your time. We will collect and compile the responses and use these to help inform our current research on stewardship.  The survey results are completely anonymous.  We do not ask for your name nor details to complete the survey, only the type of organisation you work for.

After you have completed the survey, if you feel there are others we should ask to participate in this survey, please send their contact details to Maria.Lindelien@iucn.org. Alternatively, please forward the survey link to them directly.

► Link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CorporateWaterStewardship

► Report 'Water management and stewardship - Taking stock of corporate water behaviour'  [PDF

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