Aichi Targets

The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity includes 20 time-bound, measurable targets to be met by the year 2020 (Aichi Biodiversity Targets).

Aichi Biodiverstiy Targets iconsThe IUCN Species Programme provides advice to Parties, other governments and partners on the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and it’s Aichi Biodiversity Targets (2011 – 2020), and is also heavily involved in work towards the Targets themselves. In particular, the IUCN Species Programme is involved in implementation of:

  • Target 9 (Invasive Species)
  • Target 11 (Protected Areas and identification of Key Biodiversity Areas)

The IUCN Species Programme works closely with the World Commission on Protected Areas and the Species Survival Commission to develop and disseminate guidance on for Protected Areas. Such guidance includes Categories and Criteria for Protected Areas; Protected Area Governance; A Global Standard for the Identification of Key Biodiversity Areas.

  • Target 12 (conservation of species)

Aichi Biodiversity Target 12 calls for the establishment of conservation plans for species that are most threatened with extinction. Thus, a primary step to achieve Aichi Target 12 is to understand the extinction risk posed to species through making conservation assessments of targeted species.

The achievement of Target 12 is linked to progress towards many of the other Aichi Targets. Species threat assessments form the baseline of biodiversity data to inform decision making, for example for the identification of sites for Protected Areas (Target 11), ensuring no species is threatened through trade (Targets 4 and 6) and for the control and eradication of alien invasive species (Target 9).  

The contribution of the IUCN Species Programme’s to Target 12 is through the maintenance and management of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ knowledge product (including the species assessments and all associated guidance, documentation, standards and criteria for species assessments, and technical and policy advice). The global list of threatened species provides the basis for Target 12, to help identify species for conservation action. In addition to the provision of this data, the IUCN Species Programme also works closely with the Species Survival Commission to both implement species conservation action on the ground and ex situ, and to develop and share guidance on species conservation action.



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