Protected Areas

Science and Management

Learning about biodiversity at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Planetarium Science Center Photo: Bibliotheca Alexandrina
The IUCN WCPA Science and Management Theme promotes the use of science to support effective protected area management.

Thematic Vice-Chair

Marc Hockings

IUCN WCPA Science and Management Theme TOR 2017-2020

Most of the work under the theme is carried out through the Management Effectiveness Specialist Group, the Green List Specialist Group and the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Task Force

A Working Group on Protected Area Agency –based Science is examining the value and contribution of in-house agency science towards informing conservation management and policy. The group is working to:

  • Promote policy-relevant science programs as a dimension of effective conservation;
  • Report on the use of evidence and peer-reviewed science (including that generated by agency scientists) in making conservation decisions, including mitigating threats and managing protected areas;
  • Develop principles for assessing in-house science achievements (regarding rigor, relevance and engagement) of conservation agencies;
  • Create enabling environments for agency science functions (leadership styles, accountability and flexibility, essential resources and workspace); and
  • Measure capacity of scientific work in agencies.

The Science and Management theme is also preparing a a draft code of practice for conduct of research and monitoring in protected areas (see the download in the right column).

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