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PANORAMA webinar series: Sessions on protected area solutions, hosted by the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme

Upcoming sessions: 3 October 2017, 11 AM (11:00 Quito, Ecuador time / 16:00 UTC/GMT):

  • Soluciones sobre lecciones aprendidas en la gestión de Áreas Protegidas Amazónicas.  This webinar will be held in Spanish. Register now!

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Past sessions (in reverse chronological order):

  • Scaling up community-led MPA management, hosted by Blue Solutions. (June 2017)​
  • Gender mainstreaming solutions for protected areas (March 2017)
  • Transboundary protected area solutions for sustainability and peace (December 2016)
  • Island solutions (August 2016)
  • Engaging young people in protected areas (June 2016) 
  • Protected Area Tourism - twin webinar (March & April 2016)​
  • African Protected Area Solutions to Climate Change (January 2016)

  • Scaling up community-led MPA management, hosted by Blue Solutions. (June 2017)


The webinar was presented by Alifereti Tawake (LMMA Network International) - Keynote remarks, George Manahira and Charlie Gough (Blue Ventures) - "Kick-starting marine conservation through local fisheries management" (Madagascar) and Laure Katz (Conservation International) - "Community-based Conservation at Scale" (Indonesia). Blue Solutions provides a global knowledge network and capacity development platform to collate, share, and generate solutions for effective management and equitable governance of our planet’s marine and coastal living spaces, and to develop capacity for the ocean community on the initiative’s priority topics. For this webinar, presenters showcased two examples of “Blue Solutions” case studies for scaling community-led marine protected area management, explained what made them successful and discussed with the audience. 

View the webinar now or download the presentations.

  • Gender mainstreaming solutions for protected areas (March 2017)

Sigh up for the PANORAMA webinar: gender mainstreaming solutions for PAsThis PANORAMA webinar showcases gender mainstreaming solutions for protected areas. These solutions demonstrate how women’s participation and inclusion in protected area management and governance contributes to biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and peace-building. Presenters from a range of countries introduced their solutions, explained what made them successful and discussed with the audience.

The webinar was co-hosted by IUCN's Global Protected Areas Programme and the IUCN Global Gender Office, with opening remarks from Lorena Aguilar, Global Senior Gender Adviser at IUCN.

View the webinar now or download the presentations.

  •  Transboundary protected area solutions for sustainability and peace (December 2016)

Panorama Transboundary PA Solutions

This PANORAMA webinar showcases transboundary protected area solutions contributing to biodiversity conservation, sustainable social and economic development, and peace-building. Presenters from a range of countries introduce their solutions in the Middle East, Jordan, Israel, Slovenia, and  Italy, and explain what made them successful. The webinar is hosted by IUCN's Global Protected Areas Programme.

View the webinar now or download the presentations.

You can also consult the Solutions In Focus: Transboundary Protected Area Solutions brochure for all transboundary solutions!


  • Island solutions (August 2016)

The 5th PANORAMA webinar showcased island leadership and solutions in oceans and coastal resilience contributing to sustainability in the lead up to the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii. The Micronesia Challenge, the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund and Hawai’i Green Growth/the Aloha+ Challenge served as examples of how political commitment and cross-sectoral  partnerships can be leveraged to build sustainable financing mechanisms for a conservation and sustainable development agenda. The webinar was co-hosted by Blue Solutions (through IUCN) and GLISPA.

View the webinar now! or download the presentations.

  • Engaging young people in protected areas (June 2016) 

A profound connection with nature is made at an early age, therefore it is crucial to foster that connection in children and youth. At the same time, emerging young conservation leaders are creating positive impacts in many protected areas around the world, working in partnership with park agencies, communities and other groups. Learn more about young people being engaged in protected areas through this webinar, which showcases three inspiring solutions from the PANORAMA case study portfolio.

View the webinar now! or download the presentations.

  • Protected Area Tourism - twin webinar (March & April 2016)Lone hiker on Redcliff Beach in Yuraygir National Park, Australia

The tourism business plays a major role in sustaining the global network of protected areas. At the same time, half of all international travellers visit a protected area during their trip. However, the advocates of natural spaces often are concerned about the potential impacts of unsustainable tourism - but when done right, tourism and conservation can greatly benefit from each other.

Presenters from a range of countries introduced their PANORAMA case studies in the webinars, explaining what made them successful and discussed with the audience. The webinars were co-hosted by the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme and the WCPA Tourism Specialist Group.

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  • African Protected Area Solutions to Climate Change (January 2016)Participatory mapping in Madagascar

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