Nature-based solutions

We rely on nature and the power of healthy ecosystems to protect people, optimise infrastructure and safeguard a stable and biodiverse future.


Nature-based solutions for people and planet

Solutions for infrastructure

US$ 57 billion

Flooding damages averted by mangroves in China, India, Mexico, US and Viet Nam each year

Solutions for climate


Amount of climate mitigation nature-based solutions can contribute to meeting Paris climate goal

Solutions for smart investments

US$ 170 billion

Estimated global benefits in ecosystem services from nature-based solutions focused on climate

How we engage

Nature-based solutions are actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural and modified ecosystems that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits.

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  • In the spotlight:

    IUCN energised by UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

    The Decade is energising IUCN and its vast network of members, partners and experts, reinforcing our long-standing commitment to conserving and restoring ecosystems, and building on advances that we have already made to enable restoration actions around the world.

    We will build on our successes and the lessons we have learned over many years to forge new collaborative restoration partnerships, and align existing efforts.

  • In the spotlight:

    Strengthening nature-based solutions in national climate commitments

    A report produced by IUCN and Oxford University presents an overview of the current level of ambition for nature within the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of the Paris Agreement, and highlights what more can be done to harness the full potential of nature-based solutions in future NDCs.

  • In the spotlight:

    IUCN Congress: Call for Session Submissions at the NbS Pavilion

    The IUCN World Conservation Congress provides an ideal stage to amplify the understanding and solidify the science and practice of Nature-based Solutions in a global arena. As part of the Congress exhibition, a dedicated NbS pavilion will host a series of events, workshops, launches and discussion groups on NbS. Call for submissions is now open. 


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Mozambique delta ©Shutterstock/Toby Grayson

Nature-based solutions for water, © Shutterstock/Andre Maceira

Nature-based solutions for global challenges, © Radhika Murti, IUCN

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Ensuring effective Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based Solutions are actions addressing key societal challenges through the protection, sustainable management and restoration of both natural and modified ecosystems, benefiting both...
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