Marine and Polar

Climate Change and the Ocean

Climate change is severely and rapidly impacting species, ecosystems and people around the globe. Climate change and ocean acidification are jeopardizing food security, shoreline protection, the provision of income, livelihood sources and sustainable economic development. IUCN's work on climate change is focused on: developing and communicating the science of climate change; promoting policies that can reduce emissions and minimise associated impacts; and advocating nature-based solutions through the protection and restoration of coastal ecosystems (ie. Blue Carbon and Ecosystem based adaptation).
New Coral Growing on Old

IUCN has used its extensive scientific network to garner the latest scientific information on the main global climate change-induced threats to the ocean.  These have so far focused on three main threats:

IUCN promotes nature-based solutons to climate change threats delivered through adaptation and mitigation strategies that safeguard or restore biodiversity and build resilience, not just in coastal ecosystems, but also in the communities that are dependent on them.  More information on these initatives can be found below:

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