Global Policy

SDG 17

IUCN's SDG brochure image - SDG17

Strong partnerships between governments, donors, the private sector and local communities are necessary to conserve ecosystems and the services and benefits they provide to support humans and wildlife. 

IUCN is a global union composed of both governments and civil society organisations. Working with governments, NGOs, scientists, businesses, local communities and indigenous peoples’ organisations, IUCN generates knowledge and informs policy, as well as institutional and financial measures, to ensure nature conservation and the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources.


  • produces, analyses and disseminates conservation knowledge and tools, drawing on the Union’s global network of experts and organisations from the public, civil society and private sectors;
  • recommends key policy outcomes for international agreements to ensure adequate biodiversity conservation and equitable use of natural resources;
  • advises governments on the development and implementation of environmental legal reforms;
  • provides platforms to mobilise and channel financial resources towards implementing and scaling up environmental action;
  • develops and provides advice on industry standards to improve the environmental, social and governance performance of businesses;
  • convenes independent scientific and technical advisory panels to advise governments and corporations on controversial conservation and development issues;
  • develops tools for businesses to minimise their negative impacts on the environment and maintain ecosystem benefits;
  • provides data and methodologies to track progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.
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