Ecosystem Management

Global Drylands Initiative


The Global Drylands Initiative (GDI) supports the sustainable management of dryland ecosystems and the conservation of dryland biodiversity. The GDI strengthens knowledge and capacity to adapt policies and investments to the unique conditions of the drylands. The GDI generates evidence of dryland condition and trends through adapted assessment approaches that operationalize current understanding on non-equilibrium dryland ecology. The Initiative strengthens natural resource governance in drylands through strengthening of resource rights, establishment of institutional mechanisms for ecosystem management, and development of enabling conditions for policy implementation and revision. The GDI supports countries to meet their obligations to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification through revision of Action Programmes and supporting progress towards Land Degradation Neutrality. The GDI places particular emphasis on dry rangelands which occupy roughly three quarters of all drylands, where knowledge and investment gaps are greatest, and where dryland biodiversity is generally most intact.

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