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Measuring and valuing business impact on natural capital

IUCN’s Global Business and Biodiversity Programme, along with World Business Council for Sustainable Development and a consortium of organisations, has lead the business outreach on the new Natural Capital Protocol (the Protocol). Created under the auspices of the Natural Capital Coalition, the Protocol, which launched in London in July 2016, is a standardised framework for businesses to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

If adopted at scale, the Protocol has the power to completely revolutionise the way that businesses make decisions. It acts as a magnifying lens to make natural resources, organisms and ecosystems -- as well as the services that they provide -- visible to senior executives and business leaders.


Testing the Protocol: Colombian case study

Alongside development of the Protocol, country level case work has been carried out to explore the use of the Protocol in value chains, including the link between government, finance, business and civil society in integrating natural capital in its decisions. In July 2016, Colombian based firms, academia, and government were joined by representatives from IUCN, Nespresso, Natural Capital Coalition, International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank WAVES initiative, EY, Trucost, Cambridge Initiative for Sustainability Leadership, Ecoversa, and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to explore issues around natural capital in the coffee sector in Colombia and how this impacts multinational value chains. Discussions focused on country-specific challenges and opportunities and ways to build a platform for fostering a positive environment that will enable environmental and social sustainability. Additional country cases will be launched in Asia and Africa.  

Go to the Business and Biodiversity Resources section to download the Natural Capital Protocol as well as the sector guides.

The Natural Capital Coalition is a collaboration between leading organisations in research, science, academia, business, advisory, membership, accountancy, reporting, standard setting, finance, investment, policy, government, conservation and civil society. To find out more, visit the Natural Capital Coalition website.


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