Story | 26 Oct, 2023

Strengthening the IUCN community in Europe, North and Central Asia

The interregional meeting of the IUCN Community for Europe, North, and Central Asia took place 16-18 October in Yerevan, Armenia. It brought together IUCN Members, Commission experts from across Europe, North, and Central Asia, along with other invited participants for engaging discussions and informal meetings aimed at strengthening conservation efforts and forging partnerships and friendships in and between the two IUCN Statutory Regions. 

The event served as a platform for fostering collaboration and facilitating knowledge exchange among IUCN Members, experts, and partners spanning the two regions. It offered valuable opportunities for Members to learn about and prepare for the upcoming IUCN Regional Conservation Forum in 2024, including discussions on thematic priorities and IUCN knowledge standards. The gathering also stimulated similar interactions between Commission experts, National Committees, Country Focal Points and the IUCN Secretariat.

The Minister of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, H.E. Hakob Simidyan, welcomed participants and emphasized Armenia's commitment to preserving its rich biodiversity and partnering with IUCN.

A reception hosted by the Mayor of Yerevan Municipality at the city museum was an excellent opportunity to enhance networking and learn about Yerevan’s environmental projects and plans. Additionally, participants had the chance to take part in several field excursions, including a tree planting event to honour the late Nana Janashia and a visit to the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge. 

This three-day event was convened by ICENCA (the IUCN Interregional Committee for Europe, North and Central Asia) and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), a long-standing IUCN Member, and supported by two IUCN Regional Offices. 

The IUCN Interregional Committee for Europe, North, and Central Asia (ICENCA) is an IUCN Member Committee recognised by the IUCN Council and is managed by a Steering Committee consisting of nominated Member representatives.