Story | 11 Oct, 2022

Marine Mammals Management Toolkit

To tackle the continued threats faced by marine mammals, the Marine Mammal Twinning, within the framework of the EU-funded Ocean Government project, has developed a toolkit to build technical capacities and support MPA managers in understanding the level of protection afforded to marine mammals through their MPA management plans, driving the effective management of marine mammals.

The toolkit is built around 5 themes (management frameworks; addressing activities and threats; research and monitoring; outreach and engagement; and management effectiveness) that provide the foundation for the three core components:

  1. 23 Factsheets that provide the latest scientific advancements and resources;
  2. the Self-Assessment Tool, available in English, Spanish and French, to enable the assessment of MPA management plans and guide planning, implementation, and adaptive management processes; and
  3. Good practices showcasing real-time solutions to challenge marine mammal impacts and overcome barriers to MPA management.

To establish a collective network of managers, the Twinning is launching a Community of Practice that supports knowledge sharing, collective learning, and stewardship amongst MPA managers with access to workshops and mentoring opportunities to mitigate impacts to marine mammal species of interest or to design approaches for their collective protection through an ecosystem-based management approach.

- Francs Staub, Coordinator, Marine Mammals twinning, EU Project