Story | 05 Aug, 2022

Introducing SABUKO, IUCN’s new Member in Georgia

We are pleased to welcome SABUKO, a nature conservation NGO and our new member in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

We hope to improve the way we plan and design species conservation activities through IUCN Membership, by tapping into the poll of ideas, knowledge, and experience of different specialist groups we can now reach out to.

- Natia Javakhishvili, Director of SABUKO.



SABUKO (Society for Nature Conservation) is a nature conservation NGO based in Tbilisi, with a mission to: 

  • Protect, conserve and restore wildlife and their habitats in Georgia;
  • Educate the public about the values of nature and the services it provides; and
  • Encourage sustainable use of natural resources.

Some of the main goals SABUKO’s team is working on are the monitoring of species and ecosystems; implementation of conservation measures, and organization of awareness-raising campaigns.

SABUKO has been successfully implementing habitat restoration project in eastern Georgia for the last five years, achieving notable results when it comes to the conservation of one of its target species - Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca), listed Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, with globally decreasing population. SABUKO’s experts are gathering data related to the local population of the Eastern Imperial Eagle and planning the conservation activities in line with the findings. They ring, tag and take samples from these birds to ensure that the measures in place will keep the species population healthy and stable. The overall findings will surely define the next steps and inform the planning and implementation of consequent conservation projects.

Eastern Imperial EaglePhoto: SABUKO


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