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Below is the full list and contact details for all IUCN SSC Amphibian and Reptile Groups.  

The menu on the left provides links to the groups who have websites. The individual groups listed host their websites on the IUCN site.  For the externally hosted websites of other Amphibian and Reptile Groups please click on “Other Specialist Groups”.

Orange-eyed green tree frogAmphibian Specialist Group

Co-chairs: Phil Bishop and Ariadne Angulo
Red List Authority Coordinator: Jennifer Luedtke

Anolis gorgonaeAnoline Lizard Specialist Group

Co-chairs: María del Rosario Castañeda and Luke Mahler
Red List Authority Coordinator: Gregory Mayer

Rainbow Boa (Epicrates assisi)Boa and Python Specialist Group

Chair: Tomás Waller
Red List Authority Coordinator: Mark Auliya
BPSG Brochure
2016-2017 Boa and Python SG Report

ChameleonChameleon Specialist Group

Chair: Richard Jenkins
Red List Authority Coordinator: Krystal A. Tolley
2016-2017 Chameleon SG Report

CrocodileCrocodile Specialist Group (Crocodiles, alligators and caimans)

Chair: Grahame Webb,
Red List Authority Coordinator: James Perran Ross

IguanaIguana Specialist Group

Co-chairs: Stesha Pasachnik and Charles Knapp
Red List Authority Coordinator: Tandora Grant

Marine TurtleMarine Turtle Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Roderic B. Mast and Paolo Casale
Red List Authority Coordinator: Bryan Wallace

Varanus macraeiMonitor Lizard Specialist Group

Co-Chairs:  Mark Auliya and André Koch
Red List Authority Coordinator:  Daniel Bennett

Olive sea snake (Aipysurus laevis)Sea Snake Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Kate Sanders and Arne Rasmussen
Red List Authority Coordinator: Under discussion

Scincus scincusSkink Specialist Group

Chair: David Chapple
Red List Authority Coordinator: Shai Meiri

Ghecko headSnake and Lizard Red List Authority

Red List Authority Coordinator: Philip Bowles

TortoisesTortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group

Chair: Craig Stanford
Red List Authority Coordinator: Carla Eisemberg
Newsletters: Chelonian Conservation and BiologyTurtle and Tortoise TurtleLog Online
2016-2017 Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle SG Report

ViperViper Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Christopher L. Jenkins and Jesús Sigala-Rodríguez
Red List Authority Coordinator: Johannes Penner
2016-2017 Viper SG

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