Oil palm and biodiversity

Authors: Meijaard, Erik, Garcia-Ulloa, John, Sheil, Douglas, Wich, Serge A., Carlson, K.M., Juffe-Bignoli, Diego, Brooks, Thomas M.,

The situation analysis primarily focuses on oil palm in the context of biodiversity conservation based on literature published before 31 January 2018, and aims to provide a constructive pathway to addressing sustainability challenges in the palm oil industry. This report does not assess the social and economic implications of palm oil production and expansion but will refer to these when they are likely to have an impact on biodiversity conservation.  Through identification of key knowledge gaps, the situation analysis will also provide direction to the Oil Palm Task Force in terms of seeking to address these knowledge gaps in the remainder of the 2017-2020 Quadrennium.

At the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawai‘i in September 2016, IUCN’s Members established the IUCN Oil Palm Task Force to undertake a situation analysis on oil palm and biodiversity conservation in the context of sustainable development. The task force released its report in June 2018.