The future of sustainability : have your say!

Authors: Jeanrenaud, Sally,

IUCN hosted an electronic discussion forum for its Members, Commissions, Staff and the public at large between August and September 2006.2 The e-discussion forum is one element of the IUCNFuture of Sustainability
Initiative. The forum aimed to encourage critical reflection and dialogue on an IUCN background report compiled by Professor William Adams entitled The Future of Sustainability: Rethinking Environment and Development in the Twenty-first Century. Each week of the forum focused on a different theme and was joined by a guest blogger, who provided a short introductory text and comments during the week.  The e-discussion forum is an element of the IUCN Future of Sustainability Initiative which is reviewing a new generation of sustainability thinking and practice some twenty years after the Brundtland Report popularized the well-known definition of sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.