Policy brief

International funding to support the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

International financial flows to developing countries and their magnitude are an essential part of resource mobilization to support the implementation of the framework. Developing countries face critical needs to conserve biodiversity and struggle with mobilizing financial resources to address them.

• Only 3% of international financial assistance target biodiversity, and more than half of international financial assistance flows are not assessed for their impacts on biodiversity
• Three key sectors potentially relevant for biodiversity, including (1) agriculture, forestry and fisheries; (2) industry, mining and construction; and (3) energy, involve about US$ 45.5 billion per year of funding that do not target biodiversity or was not screened for it
• Ensuring that these funding flows benefit biodiversity, or at least are not harmful to it, provides considerable potential to increase resource mobilization for biodiversity conservation.
• Considering that about 30% of the global biodiversity footprint is embedded in international trade flows, then designating about 30% (US$60 billion) to support conservation internationally would be appropriate.