Commission statement

IUCN Commission Statement on the role of botanic gardens, aquariums, and zoos in species conservation

The purpose of the IUCN SSC Position Statement on the role of Botanic Gardens, Zoos and Aquariums is threefold:

  1. to outline SSC’s position on the roles played by these institutions in the conservation of species and their genetic diversity,
  2. to urge all these institutions to achieve their potential in ensuring that animals, fungi and plants thrive in the wild, and 
  3. to encourage the global species conservation community to work in a collaborative and integrated fashion towards reversing biodiversity declines. 

This document is the result of a deeply collaborative, iterative, distributed public consultation overseen by Kris Vehrs, Kira Mileham, Mayerlin Ramos and Jon Paul Rodríguez. Working groups of experts from across the species conservation sector contributed to the drafting of the document. The SSC leadership and Steering Committee refined the draft before opening it for public comment. This public consultation resulted in over 4,000 comments from more than 350 individuals. Feedback was considered and all requests for changes were individually responded to. This feedback and the team's responses are available upon request to

Other Language Version:

Declaración de Posición sobre el papel de los jardines botánicos, acuarios y zoológicos en la conservación de especies
Prise de Position Sur le rôle des jardins cotaniques, des aquariums et des zoos dans la conservation des espèces
关于植物园、水族馆和动物园在物种保护中的作用的立场声明 (Chinese version)
Positionspapier zur Rolle von botanischen Gärten, Aquarien und Zoos im Artenschutz
Declaração de Posição sobre o papel dos Jardins Botânicos, Aquários e Zoológicos na conservação das espécies