Mediterranean Ecosystems Management Programme

Ifrane National Park (Morocco)

The Mediterranean basin region presents a wide diversity of habitats and ecosystem, and also has a long history of human settlements. For this reason the Mediterranean landscape as we know it today, been shaped and modeled over the centuries as result of interactions with human needs. As result of long period of co-evolution the Mediterranean landscape is very much influenced by human activities, and also Mediterranean cultures have co-evolving and adapted to the ecosystem services available.

This long history relation is, however, under increasing threat, as pressure over natural resources increases. To address this concern IUCN promotes the management of ecosystems through the application of the Ecosystem Approach. IUCN believes that  human wellbeing is directly related to the presence of healthy ecosystems. 

The Mediterranean Ecosystem Programme works on following programmatic areas:

  • Protected Areas, where the programme focus on management effectiveness of protected areas, integration of sustainable development in protected areas, including tourism, and promoting connectivity and integration of protected areas in networks, including transboundary Protected Areas.

    • Governance Management Effectiveness
    • Tourism and protected Areas
    • Connectivity and Transboundary Protected Areas
  • Ecosystems risk assessments and identification of key areas, where the programme aims at compiling information on ecosystem risk of collapse, and support identification of areas key for persistence of biodiversity.

    •  Red List of Ecosystems
    •  Key Biodiversity Areas
    •  Important Plant Areas
  • Drylands /Desertification, where the programme aims at raising the importance of drylands in supporting human life, and reverting land degradation processes.

    • Reverting Land Degradation
    • Oasis
    • Grazing Management and Sustainable Pastoralism
  • Climate Change,  aims at helping biodiversity and people to adapt to climate change and propose measures to increase the resilience of socioecosystems

    • Adaptation /Resilience
  • Ecosystem Restoration aims to support the processes of recovery of Mediterranean ecosystems that have been degraded, or damaged.

    • Forest Landscape Restoration
    • Dunes
    • Alfa steppes 
  • Current projects:



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